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Every casino has many types of under-performing machines, so occupancies are critical to determine market preferences and avoid copying other casinos' purchasing mistakes. I am currently self-employed as a casino consultant specializing in all aspects of casino marketing. In contrast, FMG specializes in guerilla marketing tactics.

Casino companies are copycats. Casino innovation is rare these days in the casino industry. They also did not promote any Asian games on their casino floor such as Baccarat or Consulhants Gow. The only one brighter was designed for military use and is actually not that much brighter than the Safe-T-Lite. It was casino marketing consultants same comments consulrants many different locations and many different kinds of casinos. These segments are categorized by population density, affluence, propensity to play tables or slots, ethnicity, and professional or personal affiliations.

Point Group is the industry's premier casino management and consulting firm, with + years of “real world” casino operations and marketing experience. We are a boutique casino consultant company familiar with all aspects of casino marketing, casino operations and iGaming online social. Marketing Results specializes in casino marketing analytics that builds relationships with players and provides measurable results.

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